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JULY 2020



Because of the lifting of restictions on "Super Saturday", July 4, we are more or less out of lockdown, but still subject to social distancing regulations. We hope that restrictions have not been lifted too early as the virus is still with us and producing local spikes. Well done to all the NHS staff and others who have coped so well in very difficult circumstances.



Our latest book, Aspects of Buildings & Monuments: Branxton, Crookham, Etal, Ford by Antony Chessell & Gwen Chessell published by the Till Valley Archaeological Society (TillVAS)(www.tillvas.comwas launched on Wednesday, 5th June 2019 and is available for sale online at £10. See  details on the Books (cont.) page for ordering.



My fourth book on local topics, Breamish and Till: From Source to Tweed, is still available for sale, published by the Till Valley Archaeological Society (TillVAS)(, ISBN 978-1-291-58938-2 Price £10. Net proceeds of sale go to the Society. 

Information about this and other books, articles and poems can be seen on my Books & Books (cont.) pages and copies of some may be bought by clicking on the blue link at the top of the Books page and following the instructions.


Articles & POEMS

'"Westhill" and the Hayward Family', All Over The Town, The Lyme Regis Society Newsletter, June 2006, pp. 6-9. 

Reprinted in Historic Houses of Lyme Regis, Part 2, The Lyme Regis Society, 2013, pp. 28-31. Press report of publication in View from Lyme Regis newspaper, 26 June 2013.


Poem, 'Below The Sea Glacier', Whispers On The Breeze, United Press, 2009, p. 27. ISBN 978-1-84436-897-6.


Poem, 'A Chieftain's Call', Book Of Dreams, United Press Ltd, 2010, p. 22. ISBN 978-0-85781-005-2.


'Windermere House in the 1950s, The Norwood Review, Journal of The Norwood Society, Spring 2010, pp. 14-16.



Two poems, 'A Helping Hand' & 'A Border Chieftain's Call' and a book review of Harry Nicholson's Tom Fleck in The Eildon Tree, New Writing From The Scottish Borders & Beyond, Summer/Autumn 2012, p. 2, pp. 47-8.


'The Leet Water', Border Voices on SCOTTISH BORDERS and BEYOND, ISBN 978-0-9567128-1-3, Borders Writers' Forum, October 2012, pp. 37-40.


Poem, 'St. Kilda People' and a book review of Oliver Eade's 'A Single Petal' , The Eildon Tree, New Writing from the Scottish Borders & Beyond, Spring/Summer 2013, p. 8, p. 46.


Poem, 'Who am I?', The Eildon Tree, New Writing from the Scottish Borders & Beyond, Autumn/Winter 2013, p. 5.



'Two Elderly Steam Engines at Riccarton Junction: a family connection', Border Voices on Waverley and other railways, ISBN 978-0-9567128-3-7, Borders Writers' Forum, June 2015, pp. 52-55.


Not an article or a poem but a letter referring to my father's contribution to Lyme Regis Museum during his curatorship from 1969 until 1976.

'A Letter from Antony Chessell', All Over The Town, The Lyme Regis Society Newsletter, Winter 2015, pp. 3/4.


An article in The Fourum (the community Newsletter for Branxton, Crookham, Ford & Etal), April 2016, regarding the anomaly of having Scottish post boxes in parts of Northumberland.



An article, 'Reflections around a Black Flint Flake', FLODDEN Legends & Legacy; The findings of the Flodden 500 Project, The Flodden 1513 Ecomuseum, 2016, p. 58.




An article, 'Bridges to Heaven', Border Voices ABRIDGED An Anthology from Borders Writers' Forum, ISBN 978-0-9926261, June 2017, pp. 5-7.

An article in The Fourum (the community Newsletter for Branxton, Crookham, Ford & Etal), April 2020, regarding Sequoiadendron giganteum, the giant redwood, many examples of which are to be found locally.

An article in Newsletter No. 2, Probus Club of Berwick-upon-Tweed, 23 April 2020 entitled 'Contraband', regarding the smuggling of whisky across the Border from Scotland to England in the 1820s and 1830s.

An article in the Till Valley Archaeological Society (TillVAS) Newsletter, May 2020 entitled 'A Heatherslaw and Bread Oven Tale'.

An article in The Fourum, June 2020, regarding an old coffer in a cottage on the Ford & Etal Estates, which is probably of 16th century origin and may have been a Parish Chest. The article describes the history of Parish Chests.

An article in Newsletter No. 4, Probus Club of Berwick-upon-Tweed, 3 June 2020, entitled 'Lockdown Projects' regarding the restoration of a WWII RAF Recognition model of a German Heinkel 115 floatplane. Recognition models were hung from the ceilings of RAF Stations so that crews and groundstaff could familiarise themselves with the features of enemy aircraft.

An article in Newsletter No. 5, Probus Club of Berwick-upon-Tweed, 27 June 2020, entitled 'Treasure Beneath My Feet' describing the many 'treasures' that can be discovered by keeping a sharp lookout for historic things underfoot. 

An article in The Fourum, July/August 2020 regarding Scots Pines in Branxton and Crookham and speculating on the reasons why they might have been planted in their particular locations, based upon myths and legends.

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