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Happy New Year!

No snow! and quite mild at the end of December but down to about 3 degrees at the start of the year. But warming up again by the end of this week.

Our nomination of the Flodden Tree in the Woodland Trust's Scottish Tree of the Year 2018 competition resulted in a third place out of the six short-listed trees. The results of the public vote were:-

Netty's Tree 1050 votes

Filo Tree 857 votes

Flodden Tree 741 votes

Camperdown 332 votes

Malloch Tree 241 votes

Napoleon's T 143 votes

The Flodden Tree wins a £500 Tree Care Award and a survey and report to safeguard its future health. We have specified that the award should go to the estate owners.

 Another marvellous holiday in Cyprus in October with sun all day and everyday; swimming and snorkelling, meeting up with our family and visiting ancient churches, monasteries, attractive villages and archaeological sites. 


2019 sees another book in course of preparation. More details later.


A current project which has taken up much of my time but is just coming to an end, is the inspection and recording of historic buildings in connection with the Branxton & Crookham Village Atlas Project. This is a community project administered by the Till Valley Archaeological Society with the aid of a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. In addition to the Historic Buildings Group, there are three other groups of volunteers dealing with archaeology, social history and oral history. There is more information on the TillVAS website—there is a link below.


My fourth book on local topics, Breamish and Till: From Source to Tweed, is available for sale, published by the Till Valley Archaeological Society (TillVAS)(, ISBN 978-1-291-58938-2 Price £10. Net proceeds of sale go to the Society. 

Information about this and other books, articles and poems can be seen on my Books & Books (cont.) pages and copies of some may be bought by clicking on the blue link at the top of the Books page and following the instructions.


Books (cont.)

The Braw Trees of Coldstream, Paperback, Lulu Publishing 2011, £6.99

Foreword by Lady Caroline Douglas-Home, MBE.

This book describes some of the notable, veteran and ancient trees in Coldstream and the surrounding area that appeal to the author on account of their age, historical connections, location or appearance and gives information on their setting within the Scottish Borders. The author has always been interested in trees and this was stimulated by taking part in recording trees for the Woodland Trust's 'Ancient Tree Hunt' which achieved its objective of recording 100, 000 notable, veteran and ancient trees by 2011, a project which continues carries on. Net proceeds of sale go to Coldstream Community Centre.  

Editor, The Sixpence That Grew and other Antony Trumpington stories, Avis M. Chessell, Paperback, Lulu Publishing 2011

Children's stories for the family. Private circulation only and not for sale.

Leet Water  From Source to Tweed, Paperback, Lulu Publishing 2012, £8.50

Foreword by Major-General Sir John Swinton, KCVO, OBE.

The Leet Water is a small and unassuming tributary of the mighty River Tweed in the Scottish Borders. Because of this, it is often overlooked but it will reward those who are prepared to go looking for its charms. It flows in unexpected directions through a variety of landscapes during its short journey and there are many surprises on the way and much to discover in terms of topography, geology, pre-history, history and wildlife. The author includes many photographs as well as historic and up-to-date maps. Net proceeds of sale go to community groups in Whitsome, Swinton and Coldstream. 

Breamish and Till: From Source to Tweed, paperback, 276 pages, TillVAS, 2014, £10.00

Foreword by Rt. Hon. Lord Joicey, Ford & Etal Estates

The book looks at the various sections of the two river valleys (the upper part of the R. Till is called the R. Breamish) between the source of the River Breamish in the Cheviot Hills and the junction between the River Till and the River Tweed at Tillmouth in north Northumberland. The author has been on a subjective journey looking at archaeology, flora and fauna, history, geology and things that just appealed to him on an 'as and when' basis as he came across them. Many maps and photographs. Net proceeds of sale go to the Till Valley Archaeological Society (TillVAS). 

Please see the information on the first Books page to see how to purchase any of these local books.

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